Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Vision Éternel - "Abondance de périls" (2010) [Abridged Pause Recordings]

The sounds that originate from the entity that is called Vision Éternel are of a purely somnolent nature, and offer the listener a dreary repose from the fleeting entanglements of mundane existence. On Abondance de périls, we are graced with five ambient guitarscapes, all of which are connected by the patterns of their respective titles--the notion of 'thoughts'. Solicitation, obstacles, naïvety, years, and affection. One can certainly glean deep and heartfelt meaning within these ideas, and as there are no vocals/lyrics, the interpretation is left upon the listener. The five pieces all blend together seamlessly, and form a cohesive portrait of beauty, tragedy, and melancholy. As reflected by the withered photograph on the cover, these songs also convey a sort of longing, as well as an abundance of perils (as the title suggests); the grievous contrast between the flooded lighthouse dock, the raging tides, and the blackened skies signaling the ferocity of the coming storm. One can perhaps conjure images of these alluvious harmonies as they wash over you and leave you amidst a sea of obscurity.

For a free download of this EP, follow here.


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