Monday, October 11, 2010

Agathocles - "This is Not a Threat, It's a Promise" (2010) [Selfmadegod Records]

A new year means a handful of new releases from Belgian "mincecore" trio Agathocles, and 2010 bears no exceptions to this rule. "This is Not a Threat..." is 27 tracks of pure grinding madness, with a few fun twists. Since 1985, Agathocles has put out over 100 separate releases, including ten full-length albums, even more EPs, and countless splits with such bands as funeral doom masters Worship, crazed noise band Sissy Spacek, and weird punk thrashers Bad Acid Trip. Unlike most other bands who release entirely too much, Agathocles resides in the upper echelon of mastery; all of their releases are pure, zero-bullshit grindcore.

Everything on this album is pure classic Agathocles; the vocals are low and disgusting, the guitar tone could clear the Imperial Forest in Lithuania, the bass rumbles, and the drums blast and d-beat along like it's still 1986. Agathocles has quite the bone to pick with authority and conformist, capitalist society, so you're not going to hear anything about ancestry, trees, or even gore on this album. Paying homage to their punk roots, every once in a while you'll hear some melodic punk, see a silly song title, or even feel the need to "skank" (check out the ska break in "God Save The Real Green Crocodile). This is pure f***ing old school, and with 27 tracks in 31 minutes, Agathocles still clearly means business.

I've noticed this has come out to be a very short review, but what hasn't been said about Agathocles? Get this album if you know what's good for you.

Fight the power - Mincecore 'til death.


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