Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Twilight - "Monument to Time End" (2010) [Southern Lord]

Twilight is a black metal band comprised of some of the most prominent figures of the American black metal scene. The lineup is comprised of Wrest, N. Imperial, Blake Judd, Aaron Turner, Sanford Parker, and Stavros Giannopolous. Some of these men have been in bands such as Krieg, Nachtmystium, Isis, Minsk, Leviathan, and the Atlas Moth. Each of these men and their respective bands has created an underground following in their own rights. Twilight’s “Monument to Time End” is sure to create another.

This is not a stereotypical black metal record. By stereotypical black metal, I am referring to Ov Hell’s debut record, where the blast beats goes on forever and the tremolo picking doesn’t end. This record is very well put together. The songs are quite long, but don’t let that deter you. Each song has many different elements incorporated into them. For example, the first track “The Cryptic Ascension” begins with a slow riff and gradually speeds up. The track speeds up due to a very melodic guitar riff and catchy drum beat. This evokes a feeling of happiness and ease as the song continues to flow until the final note.”Convulsions in the Wells of Fever” is the most “black metal” song on this album. The drumming, vocals, and tremolo picking that most fans know black metal for all are present on this track. My favorite parts of this track are the “Isis” sections. These sections happen a minute and thirty seven seconds into the song. There are about 3 to 4 of them intermixed within the black metal texture. The last track “Negative Signal Omega” is quite powerful.  This song has a trance like feeling due to the simple, powerful drumming and the use of voices. The song contains this feel throughout and ends with all of the band members harmonizing vocally. The vocal harmonies add reverence to the trance feel. These harmonies close the track; leaving a powerful and eerie feeling over the listener.

I thoroughly enjoyed this record. It presents a new flavor to a seasoned genre of music. It also keeps the listener actively engaged and interested until the final chord of the last track. Twilight is a black metal super group that deserves a listen from all appreciators of black metal. If you have not listened to the individual projects of each band member, I highly recommend that you check them out as well. Each band member has a chance to showcase elements of their other projects in each and every track on this CD. Overall, I highly recommend this CD to any appreciators of the black metal genre. Not only is it musically interesting and captivating, but it has put a new take on a genre that has been copied time and time again. Pick up a copy at Southern Lord's online store. Enjoy!


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  1. You should also post a picture of Aaron Turner's reworking of the cover art for the vinyl release, which I think is a lot cooler:
    Love this release.


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