Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Vacuus - "Demo" (2010) [Self-Released]

I'm just going to say it: though I might enjoy this new wave of flowery, pretty black metal, people really seem to forget the grimy chaos from which it proliferated. Where's the anger and misanthropy? Nay, they have been replaced by existential quandaries, forests, and paganism. But it's okay, because Vacuus has enough raw, pounding hatred to make up for all of that.

A completely anonymous group (?) from parts unknown, Vacuus brings us their first offering in the form of a 3-track cassette. These untitled tracks jaggedly crawl, reeking of filth, feedback and fuzz, and with treble so intensely harsh one would think that the band had somehow recorded live in a metal trash bin. Pure, frenzied chaos, perhaps reminiscent of Illinois black metal/punk hybrid Ancestors, but wholly something all its own.

Good luck trying to find this, all 100 copies are already sold out. I've seen a few ebay listings, and I'm sure you can find it in the Youth Attack! Jerkbooth for an astronomically high price.


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