Monday, April 18, 2011

Phobia / Abaddon Incarnate "Split 7''" (2011) [Underground Movement]

Dirty? Raw? Grind? Yeah, I'm listening. Here we have a split album from two grind heavyweights; Abaddon Incarnate and Phobia. Not a fan of grind? This split probably will not change your mind, but for those in the know, this split utterly slays from beginning to end. Let us begin...

Abaddon Incarnate: 3 tracks of lo-fi, blast-filled, filthy and downright nasty grind from the old-school. Buzzsawing bass and guitars abound, harshly growled/screamed vocals, non-stop intense drumming...C'mon, this is grind after all. Like I needed to type any of that. Short songs from beginning to end. Tons of intensity and disregard for beauty, cleanliness and all other things un-brutal.

Phobia: absolutely legendary grind. Never heard of them? You have officially failed as an underground music aficionado. Go home and listen to Alcest. Raging, crusty grind that is as angry as Evander Holyfield after getting his ear bitten off by Mike Tyson (you better remember that) and not afraid to spit it in your face. Blasts? Rage? Dual vocal attack? They are all here. Get off your fanny and punch your buddy in the face. He will understand.

Totally mandatory for grind fanatics. For everyone else? Well...there is always something less, um, grind, to listen to. Go champion that for a bit.


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