Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Live Review/Photos - Novembers Doom, Kommandant and more 5/13

Much to my dismay, as well as the dismay of others, Novembers Doom is not a band which tours often. Luckily, when I lived in Chicago (their hometown) I had the luck of seeing them a good couple times, but never as a headliner. I managed to time my flight/Chicago vacation around their hometown headlining/CD release show, however, and I’m glad I did. For those that don’t know, Novembers Doom is one of pioneering death/doom bands (moreso doom originally, and moreso death, now), predating the likes of My Dying Bride and Anathema, 
though, to be fair, their first release wasn’t until 1995.

Anyways, the lineup consisted of all Chicago bands, including death metal band Reign Inferno, Peshmerga (made up of ex Gorgasm members) and black metal outfit Kommandant, and of course, Novembers Doom. Both Reign Inferno and Peshmerga put on a good performance, but the spotlight really shined on both Kommandant and Novembers Doom. 

Kommandant had quite a theatrical performance, to say the least, with band members dressed in military attire with gas masks, as if prepared for war. Novembers Doom were great as always, with a perfect tone, and a great mixture of Paul’s harsh and clean vocals. They opened with Into Night’s Requiem Infernal, continued with Rain, and then proceeded to play the entire Aphotic album (which was just released this month, and is definitely worth checking out!). Aphotic was followed by Swallowed by the Moon and In the Pale Haunt Departure. Personally, I would have preferred to see a set mixed with classics as well as more recent songs, but nonetheless, I was more than satisfied when Novembers Doom finished their set.

So, here are the shots of Novembers Doom and Kommandant, click to see more:

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