Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Necrocurse - "Chaos Carnage Cataclysm" (2011) [Aftermath Music]

Necrocurse is the new band formed by members of Swedish legends Nifelheim and the doomy, gloomy Runemagick. What results is almost unexpected, but makes sense at the same time.
This album is a single, with two songs used as a sample of what is to come.
With a blistering, ominous, and foreboding atmosphere, these tracks breathe a life of thrash and death metal influence into very doom-based riffing patterns. The vocals, as expected, are vile and disgusting (meaning 'perfect' to folks like myself), and there are some excellently executed buildups to some hard-driving riffs.

As much as I am not much of a fan of calling a band 'blackened death thrash', the best way to look at this band is just to simply call it a bare-bones extreme metal band. It offers the best of all kinds of elements of the genres breached, and, might I add, with the experience and know-how to make the patterns really drive home. The songs may not be 'progressive' or 'groundbreaking', but they offer much of a reprieve in times where metal music seems to be spreading itself too thin.

This is an extremely well-played sample of what is to come, and leaves me screaming for more. This is patched-denim-vest-wearing-guy-punching-people-in-the-face-because-he's-drunk-and-proud kind of metal... my favorite.


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