Saturday, June 11, 2011

Legiones - "Legiones EP" (2011) [Duplicate Records]

Legiones is a relatively new band from Norway, playing a bit more of a contemporary version of black metal.

This EP consists of two tracks with extremely dark riffing, very sick-sounding vocals and relentless drumming.
It is to be noted that the production is a little bit strange on this album. It seems almost as if the drums were recorded much more extensively and professionally than the guitars. The mixing is a bit strange, as one can tell there is a very low equalization or compression, so different guitar parts will sound higher than others. It's not a 'raw' album in comparison to its peers, but one can tell what is going on here.

Nevertheless, these tracks host riffs that show no knowledge of positive energy or light, and are full of abyssic, dark consistency. As can be expected, I don't hear much bass, if any at all. The drumming is extremely talented, yet my personal bias will say that this drumming style would work better in a death metal band, given the washing china cymbals, etc.

Overall, this album shows promise, as the band shows excellent teamwork in showcasing what they are about as a unit. However, I feel as if it could benefit from different production. And a little less China cymbals... just a little.

You can find this at the Duplicate Records webpage:


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