Sunday, June 5, 2011

LIK - "The Second Wind" (2011) [Nordvis]

I remember hearing this band on a whim a few years ago.
I was looking for more stripped-down, fuzzed-out guitar rock, and I got that. And so much more.

LIK, short 'Lekamen Illusionen Kallet' from Sweden, is the solo project of Graav from black metal titans Armagedda. He also is one half of folked-out entity Lonndom, of which I credit my finding this band from. LIK's older albums have a bit of an eerie atmosphere that was hard to pinpoint, but its bizarre textures served to be extremely catchy and fun to listen to. However, the project was cut short soon after its third release.

2011's ' 'The Second Wind' is a triumphant return for this project, with a session drummer to assist in its creation so Graav could really focus on the driving riffs that make the band what it is. 
What makes this band so special is its dissonant, fuzzy chords and the way they are played. It is almost as if you cannot quite credit it completely to Graav's black metal past, as you can almost hear what sounds like old folk rock and even proto-punk influence. It's almost as if Glen Danzig spoke Swedish and was once in a black metal band, and Neil Young was on guitar.
Nevertheless, this is excellent music for when you are on the road, driving around at night and want your night enhanced by the most fitting music possible.

Overall, this album is not too much of a departure from the previous three albums, but one thing that can be easily noted is how much more intricate the riffing has become, and how much more thought-out the musical structures have developed. Personally, I am just glad this project is back in existence, because each and every one of LIK's albums have a very special, unique, and cool atmosphere that I can only find in his albums only. 

To find out what you are missing, buy this album right now. It's okay, it's worth starving for two days on your lunchbreaks. Trust me.


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