Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Brainoil - "Death Of This Dry Season" (2011) [20 Buck Spin]

Brainoil are back!!! After a few years break, doom-y sludge masters Brainoil return with a crushing slab of raw metal, destined to melt your ear drums. Low-tuned guitars, plodding drums, hoarsely screamed vocals and blown out bass are the order of the day. Along with that we have a punchy, yet raw production that fits the music perfectly. Gritty, workhorse sludge metal with doom-y tinges and southern-esque melodies make Brainoil's return one to take note of. Aggressive and angry, there are no moments of respite, nor beauty to be found...Only devastatingly heavy riffs made to crush the listener into dust. I can totally see this in a live setting; loud and utterly pummeling. The atmosphere is dismal and bleak as can be on this record. Almost suffocating in its unrelenting brutality. 

Hopefully this return to form is going to stick, would love to not only see these guys live, but to also hear future records from them. There is something to be said for straightforward, "no BS" metal. It comes few and far between these days, even more so when it is interesting to listen to. Refreshing? You bet. Go get this...Now!


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