Monday, July 11, 2011

Cannabis Corpse - "Beneath Grow Lights Thou Shalt Rise" (2011) [Tankcrimes]

Beneath Grow Lights Thou Shalt Rise Cover ArtUndoubtedly, marijuana has come a long way and has become rooted in various cultural aspects across the world. One of the most obvious aspects in which it has found its place is within music, which varies from the plethora of groups that fall under the “stoner” genres to that group of kids who like to get high and listen to some tunes in a parking lot. Often, overstatements are made in regards to marijuana’s ability to enhance creative abilities, some statements being more absurd than others. If smoking dope was really a profound creative catalyst then maybe Seth Rogan would have won six Oscars by now. But honestly, this is just me trying to take a cheap swing at a small group of people who like turning everything they do into some kind of intellectual voyage. The real point of this is to applaud everyone’s favorite THC fueled death metal band on recording yet another great album. If all weed worshipping works of art looked or sounded as original and exciting as this album, then I am all for pot inspired art.   

As always, Cannabis Corpse have outdone themselves in writing a lightning fast and thunderingly heavy full-length filled with catchy grooves, smug bass lines, inhuman drumming, and probably the best death metal vocals I have heard recently. The overall individual talent within the group which can be heard from the first EP and throughout the member’s other projects will make for an enjoyable experience for those who generally enjoy great musicianship. To date, this is Phil Hall’s best work as a bass player throwing in some groovy runs and some great technical riffs from time to time. The same can be said about his brother, Josh, who on his drum kit manages to avoid taking the conventional route to death metal drumming. I am possibly just bias because I love Parasytic, but Nick Poulous can do no wrong and everything he does on this album from old school death metal riffs to King Diamond inspired solos is beautiful. After hearing this album I even more firmly believe that Andy Horn is one of the best vocalists of the genre to date.  

I have heard in the past people pass off Cannabis Corpse as a cover or parody band, and I promise that this assumption is a mistake. Not a weed smoking fan of Cannibal Corpse? You don’t have to be, because this album offers songs that can be universally appreciated by any lover of ripping old school death metal and will leave you wanting to hear more. There is no highlight track because the whole album shines on its own, making it hard not listen to the whole thing from start to finish. The musical arrangements from song to song are very tight and crisp but still maintain a raw and somewhat clumsy sound that has made everyone of their works original. Josh, Phil, Nick, and Andy have demonstrated once again that their love of cannabis and Cannibal Corpse are enough to make some of the best death metal one can hear today. 


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