Thursday, July 28, 2011

Molested - "Blod-Draum (Reissue)" (2009) [Ars Magna Recordings]

I am sure that my introduction to Molested was the same for most people, "Hey, Oystein from Borknager had a death metal band? Let me check this out". Now, I have had a copy of this album for many years now, but I was recently given the new 2-disc version, lovingly supplied from the elite Ars Magna Recordings. This 2-disc set has the bands entire discography on one release; Blod-Draum, Stormvold and both of their demos. Excellent.

What to expect? Early 90s technical death metal (think less of Brain Drill and more of Ripping Corpse, at least in the regard of it not being shred-wankery) with a flair for experimentation and killer melodies. Its sad to think after reading the liner notes of this album, that the band had gone through so much label drama, because had they stuck it out, I think they would have ended up at the forefront of the 90s death metal scene. Molested were, without question, ahead of their time. Technical enough to keep from being predictable and experimental enough to cause many "what?" moments. A true musical gem to emerge from the scene at the time, not to mention highly under-appreciated.

I am very glad that Ars Magna managed to pick this up for a larger audience, but also to put the original master of Blod-Draum on the second disc. No offense to Mr. Swano, but the remaster of both Blod-Draum and Stormvold are awful. An album that has now become a victim of the incredibly stupid and pointless 'loudness war'. The remaster makes the drums SO INCREDIBLY LOUD that it is almost impossible to decipher what the guitars are playing. What a shame that is, especially considering the amazing melodies that are all over the album. Stick with the original master to actually enjoy the recording (too bad the original mix of Stormvold is not on here too).

Regardless, an absolute must have for fans of 90s death metal or fans of intricate, intelligent death metal. This band and album(s) were truly a historic landmark in the death metal scene at the time. Now that they have a proper reissue, you have NO REASON to not own this album. Complete and utter brilliance.


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