Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Puerto Rico Flowers - "7" (2011) [Fan Death Records]

Thunderous, almost tribal like toms, shifting back and forth between the snare, shortly followed by a thick bass plugging away in utter post punk gloom, and of course the crooning synthesizers playing about in a dreamy fashion. Shortly afterwards, a voice – which sounds like its sole purpose in life is to chant along to these melancholic hymns – takes the listener on through a 40 minute journey to the eighties and back.

So, who are Puerto Rico Flowers anyways? Well, PRF is a project helmed by John Sharkey III, originally of now defunct noise rock/punk band Clockcleaner. Fan Death Records put out the first PRF release, an EP entitled 4 in the beginning of 2010, then, a few months later, a single called 2 and finally, a bit over a year later, 7.

For the most part, 7 carries about in the same general manner as described earlier, with slow, pensive and downright enjoyable tracks. The first four tracks all carry on quite strongly; if I feel like listening to PRF, these are generally the tracks I play, and then move on. The final three tracks are by no means bad, or unenjoyable, the first four just really seem to outdo them. Almost all of the songs on 7 maintain a similar aesthetic, but the last two tracks are a bit different (well, the final much more so than track 6).  Keep Me Around picks up the pace, with a more upbeat sound, and then the closer, After the Weekend is an almost ambient/drone like song, made up of a very thick synthesizer coupled with Sharkey’s vocals, and later on a somber piano playing on. 

Anyways, if you’re still reading this review, than you should continue on by clicking the link to my favorite track on the album, 3 Sisters:


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