Sunday, August 28, 2011

Lost Inside - "Mourning Wept Beside Me" (2011) [Dusktone Records]

Depressive, suicidal black metal. Hearing this tag gives me the same physical reaction as hearing 'post-black metal' or 'blackgaze'...I vomit violently, crap my pants and punch myself in the mouth repeatedly. Well, none of this really happens, but hearing these tags make my stomach churn with violent loathing. I hate them. I instantly know what the sound, subject matter and artwork will be like. This is NOT GOOD for any band or genre. It makes it predictable and easily judged. So what happens when you mix 'blackgaze' AND 'dsbm'? You get Lost Inside.

First off, allow me to say this is bad. Really, really bad. Tinny clean guitars, designed-to-be-emotional-but-are-not distorted riffs, awfully programmed drum machines, howled pseudo-angsty vocals and a muffled production make this album an absolute atrocity. Every second of every minute, every riff, every drum beat is a nightmare of musical ability. So incredibly bad. One of the worst albums I have heard in quite sometime.

Lost Inside should just stop making music altogether. These dsbm kids need to stop talking about suicide and depression. Just do the entire world a favor and kill yourself. My ears have been raped to the point, by this album, that I may need counseling...


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  1. I'm sorry if I made you listen to this. But if you thought this was bad, you should have heard their earlier work.


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