Sunday, October 9, 2011

Cured Pink / Penguins - "Split 7''" (2011) [Vacant Valley]

While listening to this 7" the first time, I discovered the really cool noise loop that my turntable makes if I miss the record ever so slightly. And it goes well with the contents, too. Both Cured Pink and Penguins seem to be composing around a single repeated rhythm.

Cured Pink first--Andrew McLellan (pictured doing something violent and non-consensual to a bass with a length of rusted chain) has taken a loop of a single note and clanking metal as the concrete-and-iron basis for distant horns and reverberating not-quite-comprehensible demagoguery. A number of unidentified children join in, abusing various pieces of metal cookware. The combination of this pulseless violence (remember, all children are noise and free jazz) and the increasingly damning ranting of our chained hierodule eventually fades, unfinished, with the impression that some ancient temple somewhere is still holding remorseless worship to a scarred, blinded god.

Penguins sound more like the live rock band that they apparently are. Their loop (which similarly recalls NON's God and Beast) is live percussion in the middle of a mass of black/noise rock band who (trombone and all) spend the full side of the 7" building up with the impression of violence yet to come.
What is Australia waiting for? What blistering, destructive album is this the beginning of? When will Peter Bramley finish drilling through that ruminant's skull? This has me all wound up . . .


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