Saturday, November 19, 2011

Faded - Subconscious Infiltration (2011) [Failed Recordings]

Faded's second release (after a split with Gravebound) is quality. I'd love to hear this (hardcore) band open for Samothrace. They're together and focused and they know how to write with nuance, dynamic, and movement. Despite in all probability not knowing Samothrace exists (if their thrash sensibilities aren't lying), they've managed to walk the same line between rock-tonality and tertiary harmony, with the same atmospheric finesse. And they've done so while retaining a dedication to the fast-heavy of hardcore and thrash and a strong touch of Slayer's structures in the slower, more atmospheric sections of the tape.

The production is nigh-perfectly done and suits the band extremely well. It's warm and heavy and perfectly displays a range of complimentary sounds and dynamics, enough that I have no doubt Faded can reliably perform this way live. It's too organic to have come as the result of studio experimentation.

This is a great release and I'm looking forward to further developments. Hoping to hear some crushing heaviness carry over their slow work and a greater portion of the fast destruction they do so well. Check out Failed Recordings and Inherent Records to get yourself a copy; this is tape 51/100. Stream at


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