Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Willing Feet - "Willing Feet" 7" [Peace and Quiet Recordings"

Remember the long rant about ambition in my recent review of Uzala's kickass debut? Well, ambition need not apply in some musical senses. Some styles are just too good or complete enough to where any experimenting or additions just sound like overkill, imbuing the musicians with the dreaded "trying too hard" status. Take, for example, the blackened punk style which happens to be found on Willing Feet's self-titled 7", released earlier this year: it is memorable through its true-to-genre simplicity. You don't need to venture out the rules laid down by the mighty Ildjarn over 15 years ago because it has enough power all its own. Why avoid experimenting? Well, to answer that question, I must ask another: have you ever heard of Canadian ska/crust punk/reggae/black metal band Leper? No, you haven't, and with good reason.

Willing Feet's latest 7" is great because it doesn't need to stray outside these "tried and true" boundaries. You won't find any pretty melodies or mystical atmospheres here, only pure, unadulterated hatred. Philosophy? No need. Trees and other nature shit? Forget about it. This is Ildjarn/Bone Awl worship at its finest. You want something blown out, stomping, and completely fucking pissed off? Check out Willing Feet.


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