Friday, January 27, 2012

Jason Urick- "I Love You" (2011) [Thrill Jockey]

I Love YouAs you awaken inside of your own head, you realize you have no recollection of who you are and what you are doing. Your identity has been erased from history and you now possess the freedom to roam unbothered within the realms of your mind. As you traverse across the universe reconstructing how it is you interpret life internally and externally you begin to recall who it was you once were. The freedom you possess within yourself has realized your full potential and you fear returning to your conscious world. It is here where your fate begins and ends and it is beyond the day to day repetition, endless streams of questions, and looking towards the future that perpetuate our lives. It is about simplicity within yourself and your relationships with people and nature that breathes life into all of the things you do. You awaken to realize that you have nothing to fear consciously because here you have the same power to control yourself entirely and nothing from the past, present or future can take that away.

Jason Urick’s I Love You sounds like journey of self realization, using heavy ambiance to set a dream like mood to the entire trip. The album is composed of five average to semi-long tracks of low ethereal drones with small explosions of heavenly disembodied tones scattered amongst the clouded layers of sound. Urick has managed to incorporate influences from what sounds like eastern music without sounding like it has been done before by maintaining the primary atmosphere set at the beginning of the album. Although the songs drone a single idea for their entirety, the idea is rephrased throughout the song in hundreds of ways so you are never quite listening to the same section over and over.

This is the kind of album one could put on repeat for twelve hours and just think endlessly of all the possibilities the universe has to offer. Jason Urick fills all the corners of your speakers with gorgeous loop after loop, painting murals of sound that are entirely open to interpretation by any listener. Within the space created in your speakers, please get lost.


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