Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Taake - "Noregs Vaapen" (2011) [Dark Essence Records]

In my opinion, Taake has always been one of those bands that releases albums that are either huge hit or moderate miss. Every few years, Hoest seems to come up with something that is musically fascinating.
Never faltering, though, is the spirited nature of his music and the 'audial patriotism' which ensues. 
Thankfully, the latest offering is more 'hit' than anything I have ever heard from him.
In what I'd like to note as his most majestic, powerful, and original work yet, Noregs Vaapen has it all and then some.
Featuring a solid and unwavering mix of melodious guitar hymns and primitive riffs, this is what I believe to be Hoest's magnus opus.
And you know what? There is a banjo in some of the music. I'm serious.
A banjo. I was just listening to the music and then all of the sudden.... 
"Hellig skit!
Hva faen?!?!
I'm not entirely sure who played it, but it flowed perfectly. 
Also appearing is a plethora of musical guests, including the prolific Nocturno Culto from Darkthrone.

This album has verified to me that black metal has solidified itself into the history and facet of Norway in today's international society. Like it or not, the world has no choice but face the fact that the very spirit of their country is being represented and distributed in the form of this esoteric sort of music.

And what way to represent that but with the mark of a monolith of a memorable album?

- Elan

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