Sunday, February 19, 2012

Goliathon - Without Further Ado (2010) [Self-Released?]

I . . . this is like they listen to classic rock radio all the time, but really like Porcupine Tree and some stoner rock. I'm sure that's not as weird or unusual as I think it is, but my god if they haven't hacked out their own niche (possibly by beating one into existence with a saxophone). In literally every song, I'm reminded of mainstream-groupie-70's and 80's hard rock (Guns 'n' Roses, Led Zeppelin, Sabbath), the rattle and atmosphere of The Jesus Lizard noise rock, and the heavy-rock-prog-modern off-kilter riffing of Porcupine Tree. And Mastodon/High on Fire.

I know I don't normally namedrop like this, but it really sounds like all of those things at once. I've always hated the self-assured, soulless hard rock sneer that their singer wails, but with all of the music Goliathon brings together and with the intricacy of their songs (no "Riff A 4x, I IV V" here), I kind of have to keep listening. I have to. Because if I stop, I'll miss something insane they did.


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