Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Sissy Spacek - "Wastrel Projection" (2012) [Handmade Birds Records]

I needed this. I really did. I've gotten so many "soundscape" albums recently that I'd almost forgotten how much I loved pure, unbridled chaos. Don't get me wrong, I still enjoy a good, psyche-numbing drone album as much as your average egomaniacal review blogster, but there's an odd sense of perfection in quick, angry bursts of inexplicable rage. Maybe this is why I've had so many troubles with writing recently; I seem to have hit a road block with the art music I tend to cover. It's all so sprawling and full of thought that it's become almost a full time job trying to comprehend and nitpick everything for a review (okay, maybe not a full-time job, but you get the idea). What I needed was a shock - something to jolt my mind back into complete thought, and I seem to have been liberated by noisecore trio Sissy Spacek's new EP, the 5 minute Wastrel Projection.

A rather witty play on words sounding almost akin to Elmer Fudd attempting to preach the divine, Sissy Spacek's latest offering is a 5 minute injection of adrenaline straight to the tear duct. At 32 tracks in length, most "songs" end before you can even begin to comprehend just what is going on, and it's absolutely perfect. Disjointed, seemingly improvised guitar dropping speedballs with noisemaster John Wiese's laptop and a wailing screech which rivals Jeromes Dream's Jeff Smith, Wastrel Projection is a sonic seizure, complete with tongue swallowing. Wastrel Projection isn't so much a plastic disc as it is a pissed off, tooth-spitting meth addict (and I love every one of its 300 seconds).

Following in the neckbreakingly fast hardcore tradition, Sissy Spacek not only have an awesome name, but an absolutely insane discography to boot, and this new CD is no exception. Got 5 minutes? Spin this. Got more than that? That's fine, just let it play again. You've got nothing better to do. Wastrel Projection is currently available for preorder from the always awesome Handmade Birds Records. Break someone's teeth to this one.


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