Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Protestant / Suffering Mind - "Split 6''" (2012) [Halo of Flies/Zaraza/Crucificados/To Live A Lie]

Dang, it's certainly been a while since I've written about anything hardcore related, so why not break the silence with something which nearly broke my back? In just under five minutes, Milwaukee hardcore behemoths Protestant and Polish mincegrinders Suffering Mind dish out four tracks of muscular, pissed off hardcore. Protestant, fronted by Halo of Flies commander in chief Cory von Bohlen, up the speed significantly compared to their relatively slow Stalemate EP released last year, reaching almost powerviolence-like heights. Suffering Mind, who have released more splits and EPs than I can handle, up the muscle with their half, complete with precise death metal drum work, chunky Agathoclesian riffage, and disgusting vocals. A taste from two different ends of the hardcore spectrum, this neon orange 6" split is totally worth however much you've spent on it, cause I mean, you've already bought it, right?


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