Monday, October 15, 2012

Short Changed - "We Will Bury You" LP (2012) [Rodent Popsicle Records / Goat Power Recreation]

Everytime I get a creatively-decorated 12x12 package in the mail, with unicorns or some mythical creatures drawn upon the front in metallic colored pen, it can only mean one thing: my favorite currently-active punk band is back. And, it also signifies the notion that I will be rather enamored with the ridiculously well-endowed album art. 

Right on both counts, yet again.

Almost immediately, the warm, deep guitar tone kicks the album off with a bang, and what ensues on this bright-ass orange wax disc is a collection of abrasive, raging, and -gasp- creative true punk to appease even the most casual listener of the genre (namely, myself, I will admit).

The vocals are more gritty than ever, with lyrics about how these young people would like to punch Charlie Sheen, Snooki, and just about every other currently-loathed pop culture phenom. If ever there were a documentation of the ills of our current generation within the past year, this rips it a new one.

This band has been in activity for ten years now, I believe, and this is their best work yet - that I have heard, anyway. Kindof surprising, as most bands of this ilk that do this for ten years end up saying "hey guys, let's try to do something different" and end up sounding like octogenarians beating each other up over a bingo game. 

Once more, this band has done two things which narry a punk band is able to do to me as of late: (1) make me want to sit down and listen to them when I normall y am not in the mood for this kind of stuff, and (2), make me want more, as I groan at the popping of the ultimate and ephemeral end of the album.

Short Changed: please, keep making reckless noise for us. 
If, as they say, punk truly is dead, then you guys are a very convincing zombie. 
A pirate-zombie. Puking guts. Like on that awesome album art of yours. 

- Elan

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