Saturday, March 9, 2013

The Inarguable Exclusive: New A Death Cinematic Track "Seek Shelter From The Vile Swarms" Streaming Now

Image courtesy and intellectual property of Simple Box Construction.
A Death Cinematic is a sort of sonic enigma, residing in a unique stasis between beautiful, melodic minimalism and violent, gruesome grit. This multi-disciplinary project, led by an anonymous Michigan resident, lends itself to the new wave of "Americana drone," a style based in Morricone-esque timbre painted in shades of modern Western author Cormac McCarthy, but A Death Cinematic's full DIY aesthetic and unique sound palette sets this project apart from the Earths and Barn Owls we encounter so often. Often accompanied with beautiful, handmade packaging, books of photographs, or even water decals, in the case of the Your Fate Twisting, Epic In Its Crushing Moments EP, A Death Cinematic (and its home label Simple Box Construction) is of a rare breed, encompassing the artistic spectrum in one devastating fell swoop.

From the B-side of soon-to-be-released cassette Corrosions of Traveled Daydreams, "Seek Shelter from the Vile Swarms" shows a new face to A Death Cinematic. While still rooted in the apocalyptic, picturesque sounds of the Rocky Mountains rainshadow, the textures we see here are much more carefully laid out. Whereas previous releases' improvisational character manifested itself in loops which didn't always fully match up, a la Brian Eno's Music for Airports, here we see the many different parts feeding off of each other in a communal mass. Delicate bursts of noise, reminiscent of distant sandstorms and tumbleweed, meld with airy slide guitar, riding ever so slightly on the backs of distant chords. It really is beautiful, probably the best A Death Cinematic material I've heard in the six wonderful years I've spent following this particular project.

The Corrosions of Traveled Daydreams cassette/art box is set for release on New Jersey label Tycho Magnetic Anomalies, who brought us the cassette version of Planning for Burial's Quietly, on Friday, March 15th. The packaging was painstakingly assembled over the past few months by Simple Box Construction, and photos of the packaging's individual components and construction can be viewed at the Simple Box Construction blog.

From the label:

"There is a sense of wonder and despair to the post apocalyptic soundtrack that A Death Cinematic is slowly unleashing on the world, one release at a time, and Corrosions Of Traveled Daydreams just might be the most realized vehicle for that vision (and the album was quite literally born to be on tape). Even without lyrics, Corrosions Of Traveled Daydreams tells multiple stories of peoples and places and things that have left only their ruins behind them. The whole presentation of the album is a work of art that hearkens back to a recently bygone era bringing the tangible aspects of opening and exploring and listening to the record together again." -Tycho Magnetic Anomalies


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