Sunday, November 28, 2010

Interview with Drew from Lonesummer.

So I've been meaning to do this interview for a while...Thanksgiving break sure helped me there. Lonesummer is one of my new favorites, and I hope this cat-loving, nostalgic bedroom-dweller will squirm his way into your hearts as well.

Why don't you tell us about the humble beginnings of Lonesummer.

2008. Bad drum machines. Cheap keyboards. Me writing riffs in the dining room I lived in. 

What influences your writing most for Lonesummer?

Musically, I'm influenced by bands like Mount Eerie/The Microphones, Have a Nice Life, Suis la Lune, Saetia, Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Lifelover, Maths, Trist and A Silver Mt. Zion. But lyrically and emotionally, much of Lonesummer is about suicide, heartbreak, nostalgia and cats. 

Oh really? Cats? That's pretty awesome, actually (I happen to be a cat person). Why cats?

Cats and animals in general have a very therapeutic presence. The love you get from an animal is unconditional and free of judgment. Plus they're adorable. I love my cats more than anything.

You recently just performed your first live show. What brought about the decision to go live? Was it a positive experience? Why or why not?

Well Thom from Planning for Burial and I had been talking about doing shows for a year or so. Recently I brought up the idea of him playing a Planning for Burial set in my apartment, and when we finalized it I decided it would be the opportune time to play the first Lonesummer performance. After we announced that, Dan Barrett of the amazing Enemies List asked us if he could play an acoustic set of his Giles Corey material. We had a great time, and the performance turned out far better than we could imagine, considering Thom and I rehearsed for 5 minutes. We also tried to take the screamo route of not using any microphones, I just scream at the top of my lungs over the music. Because of the success of the show and actually being able to pull off the music in a live fashion, I've decided to take Lonesummer on more live excursions in the future. We've got some great shows set up that I'm supremely pumped for, especially January 13th with Falls of Rauros, Seidr, and Lake of Blood.

Seeing as Lonesummer follows an extremely lo-fi aesthetic, do you think recording in a not-bedroom studio would work? Why or why not?

Definitely not. One of the most important parts of Lonesummer is the home recorded aspect. As I've said before, in my music I attempt accurate emotional expression which can only be achieved by recording my feelings as I'm feeling them. It's a shame that “bedroom black metal” is used as a an insult by black metal fellows who think it's so misanthropic and evil to get set up in an expensive studio with pro mics and play their grim and hateful tunes. 

What are your thoughts on the whole "black noise" scene of which you are considered a member? Do you appreciate this title?

I have no respect for the noise scene for it's irritating pretentiousness and gimmickry. I suppose my music can be raw and harsh, but I never attempt any kind of “noise”. 

If you could change one thing about black metal in general, what would it be and why?

I'd like to see 99% of black metal bands vanish off the face of the planet (Bands like Satanic Warmaster and Drowning the Light especially). For the black metal sound to progress we have to strip away every single tired black metal cliché. You guys aren't these esoteric entities living in mountains away from mere mortals. You're just regular dudes. Knock it off. 

What are your future plans for Lonesummer?

There isn't much planning to Lonesummer. It kinda just happens. I've got some new tracks that will see some sort of release in the future. I wish I had more time and energy to focus on music, but it's hard juggling school, work, music and other stuff. I'm working on setting up more gigs as well, and hoping to play live more. Maybe a mini tour in the future....?

Any final thoughts? 

Uhhh I guess not. Thanks for interviewing me, Jon!

Purchase the new Lonesummer/Planning for Burial split here.


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