Saturday, January 8, 2011

Good Weather For An Airstrike - "A Winter" (2011) [Rural Colours]

Residing in the southeastern English town of Winchester, musician and soundscape artist Tom Honey sharpens his skills at creating harmonious and somnolent pieces with his project Good Weather For An Airstrike. Scheduled for release next week on January 14th through the net label Rural Colours, "A Winter" is an EP focused on quieting the mind, especially for listeners deprived of nightly peaceful slumber. It is also intended as the first half of a larger conceptual piece, based on similar ideas and changes.

The tracks themselves certainly portray the sound Honey is going for; with the first song "Motions", the artist slowly works the minimalist orchestration up to a greater volume, sways for a bit, then brings it back down to a more softer and drawn out melody. All the while, the vocal tracking was done by a woman by the name of Jamie Brett, presumably a friendly acquaintance of Honey's. On the second track "Within a Dream", we are presented with a bit more bleak sounding piece, although it still maintains the dreamy atmosphere that was undoubtedly striven for. Concluding "A Winter" EP is the song "Broken", which echoes the Clint Mansell-esque compositional and aerial minimalism, and again features some vocal contributions by Brett.

For more information on Honey and GWFAA, I urge you to seek out his base over at MySpace, and his Bandcamp, where his "A Winter" EP shall be downloadable shortly. If you are also interested in supporting this artist via clothing, check here. At last, the lovely photographic work found with this EP can be traced to this location. Cheers.


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