Sunday, January 16, 2011

Shape Of Despair – Written In My Scars EP [Solarfall Records] 2010

This contains two of the most fucking crushing tracks I have ever heard on a Funeral doom EP. I have been waiting for some time to hear new material from these guys and I must say this is not disappointing none what so ever. The music all together slowly drags you through a 100 levels of pure loss and misery with its atmospheric riffs and keyboards as the overwhelming weight crushes your chest.
The music is over all epic with its blending melodies and brutal guttural vocals. I can hardly begin to imagine what the follow up album to this will sound like, because this EP is that crushing for only 2 tracks. Though it have been nice to have seen at least 1 or 2 more songs on this EP because after listening to it you want to hear more. There is much creativity and potential on this one EP. I might also add that the album art is amazing and truly fits the music. With this release only on vinyl it makes it even better. This LP will do you some good to have. This is pure emotion.


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