Sunday, January 30, 2011

Silent Stream of Godless Elegy - "Návaz" (2011) [Season of Mist]

Finally! Yes, after 5 long years of silence since their amazing "Osameli" EP, Czech doom metal band Silent Stream of Godless Elegy have made their triumphant return to the music world. Entering their 15th year, this self-billed "Moravian folk metal" band bases their music on ancient, somber Moravian folk melodies. Of course, a lot of people are normally turned off by the "folk metal" tag, but, I assure you, there are no bouncing, drunk, lighthearted melodies here.

From the first song on, this album is an exercise in pure introspection, pulling the listener in with catchy hooks, lush harmonies and a distinct "heaviness" normally ignored by the genre. Utilizing the oft-ignored traditional Czech instrument, the Cimbalom, in conjuncture with rich strings and the standard metal band format (guitars, bass, drums, and vocals), we see a delightfully distinct and original approach to a tried-to-death genre. Perhaps the most delightful aspect of this album are the wonderful male/female clean vocal harmonies found in the soaring, ethereal choruses (if you read my Top 10 of 2010, you'll see my proclamation of love for male/female harmonies). Everything on this album is performed with passion: cellos and violins weep, guitars a fist of pride, and lyrics that ooze emotion and nationalism (when translated, the undeniably catchy "Slava" is a Slavic pride term, meaning "glory").

Almost orchestral at times, each listen to this album reveals something new that I had missed before, and perhaps instills a little pride in my Slavic roots. "Návaz" is a strong, gigantic album that is definitely deserving of your attention.

Be sure to buy the gorgeous digipack here at the Season of Mist store.


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  1. Very good album, I've also been expecting it since their previous release. Kudos on this review!


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