Monday, January 31, 2011

Svart Crown - "Witnessing The Fall" (2010) [Listenable Records]



For many years, I have occasionally been on the lookout for the most violent, aggressive, crushing, soul-churning album I could possibly find.

....Guys, I think I found it.

With 'Witnessing The Fall', this French band punches us in the face with their superfluously heavy, non-cheesy, dissonant, and 'technical-enough' riffing.
I don't even know what else to say... this album is just so absolutely heavy. And this album, in particular, has a production very fitting toward this sort of style. Not too reverbed, not too synthetic, and very inhuman. The bass/guitar mix sounds incredibly vibrant and moving. In a stereo, it will most likely rattle everything to bits when played at full volume. And the drums, surprisingly, are not overdone... just perfectly settled as an instrument, not something to show off, like most 'blackened death metal' bands try to do.

One great thing about the composition of this album is that it seems to get more and more interesting throughout, and the grande finale, the final track, certainly takes the cake as the standout track on the album. I just wish I could properly convey what I am thinking about this album, but even as a designated reviewer, I cannot.

I guess if you like heavy and aggressive music that isn't cheesy, this album will be the only album you might even need to hear this year. In fact, I don't think I need to ever listen to a 'blackened death metal' band ever again.


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