Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Planning for Burial - "Untitled" (2011) [Music Ruins Lives]

Acting as what label Music Ruins Lives calls the "missing link" between the lumbering doom metal/slowcore of the Enemies List Home Recordings release "Leaving" and the spacious "drone pop" of the split with blog favorite Lonesummer, this single, unmarked white CD features some of the strongest material put forth by this innovative project.

Starting with "I Hope You'll Pick Me Out," an homage to unrequited love, PfB presents one of the most beautiful and heartfelt "metalgaze" songs I've heard in a rather long time. In it's short 4 minutes and 24 seconds a sonic wall is constructed with layers of guitar, keyboards, an organ, glockenspiel and gut-wrenching screams (which are pushed forward in the mix this time, unlike Leaving), slowly lurching forward in horrible majesty. As beautiful as it is crushing.

Track #2 is a bass-heavy, droning post-punk song entitled "Annick," which, for Joy Division nerds like myself, is named for none other than Ian Curtis's lover, Annik Honoré. Everything about this track is distant and filled with longing...and I'm not kidding about the bass-heaviness of this track - all of my car windows rattle when I play through this beauty.

After eighteen seconds of silence, at least, for those of us who have one of the 60 copies of the now-sold out "Untitled," we are surprised with a 27-minute long version of the previously-released song "Leaving." Absolutely blissed-out, reverb-drenched, reality-melting dronescapes.

Yet again, Planning for Burial succeeds in making a memorable release to tide-over fans until their next (probably soon, knowing them) release. Though the super-limited CD is sold out, you can stream/purchase both tracks at the Music Ruins Lives Bandcamp and be sure to keep an eye out on their Bigcartel webshop.


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