Friday, March 11, 2011

Abacinate - "Genesis" (2011) [Epitomite Productions]

Deathcore. The mere thought of the word creates grim faces and has people choosing sides to what their opinion of it is. Granted, most of deathcore is absolutely terrible music (much like its predecessors - metalcore and nu-metal), there is always a golden nugget or two to be found in the heaps of 'artistic' trash (as is the same as any other genre of music). I personally enjoy some deathcore bands (The Faceless, Within The Ruins, August Burns Red) but cannot stomach most of it (I am looking at you Emmure and Winds of Plague) because so much of it is devoid of emotion, song writing ability and all-around creativity. The typical garbagecore band has three types of musical moods in every song - blast, breakdown, thrash/melodeath - and repeats said parts over and over until uncontrollable projectile vomiting has occured...but I digress.

Abacinate is another band who does nothing but continue to dump on a genre of music who already has virtually zero integrity or respect (except to bros, meatheads and Top Hopic goons). Its dumbed down death metal, complete with a bro-style mentality, pointless songwriting, childish 'brutal' lyrics, uncreative riffing and tons of derpy breakdowns (punch the floor bro). They seem to try and disguise their deathcore-ness as gore/grind/death but one listen to this album will surely dispel that lie immediately. Sure the production is nice and clean/tight and the artwork is a great reminder of pure Photoshop fail, but who cares. A turd is a turd, no matter how much gold is poured over it.

I gave this album a few spins to try and see if there was something I was missing, but sadly, I missed nothing. Truthfully, the album artwork should have been enough of an explanation to what was inside; a demon plunging some random goon, while Colt 45 bottles, Busch cans, fat white trash women wrestle, people eating White Castle, impaled humans, people vomiting, etc...Yeah. Waste of time. 

If you want something completely thoughtless to thrash to, this is up your alley. If you want music with soul and talent, look elsewhere. Go listen to Defeated Sanity instead.


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