Thursday, March 10, 2011

Wanderlust - Breathing Pestilence (2011) [Self-Released]

This is a project by our own Elan ! This is a short 4 song demo and for a first time release this should not go upon deaf ears this is a killer listen !
The sound is lo-fi but with quality ! This demo packs a punch with its mixture
of Norwegian Black Metal vibes and Belgian Black Metal influence. With the lyrics being focused around Belgian history the music and atmosphere there is a lot of heart and soul put into this demo. 

A great Satyricon influence dwells within these 4 songs as well as some old school Darkthrone influence but to the point where it would make the demo sounds like another carbon copy. The riffs are pretty standard with the tremolo picking and chord progressions and the drumming I think is the most vibrant out bursting interment on this recording. 

The Opening and Closing songs "Breathing Pestilence" and "Stone White Gods" take the cake for the best songs out of the 4. Do your self a favor and give this demo a listen. 


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