Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Interview with C. Alcara from Stroszek/Frostmoon Eclipse

Thanks so much for the interview - as you can tell by my previous review of the Stroszek review that I am an avid fan.

You're very welcome, I am a constant reader, so we draw, ahah!

I've noticed that you are very interested in the Americana style of folk; as a resident of Italy how do you view American-tinged folk?

I always try to think that no matter when you live, music can give you feelings. I felt a natural attraction to american folk since my early twenties. Right now I am listening to Townes Van Zandt, which is pretty unknown in Italy by the way... I had to search stuff on my own because very few guys here know about Mickey Newbury or Jim Croce or even Tom Rush. As you may have noticed, Italy sucks musically speaking (and not only).

Now, for those of our readers who for some reason don't know, you also play guitar in Frostmoon Eclipse (who recently put out a sweet album on Osmose, I might add). Do you keep your influences for Frostmoon separate from what influences your Stroszek material or do you have one big base from which you draw influence for all your music?

When I start to compose something, or better when something get out of me, I don't really have in mind if it's for a band or another... songs just work themselves out. But my songs have all the same "soul" in the end and sometimes is just a matter of sound, and whenever you play it electric or acoustic it could fit here or there.

A few years ago Frostmoon Eclipse went on a US tour though, sadly, I was too young then to attend the Chicago show. What was your overall experience on tour in a different part of the world? Would you ever consider coming back here for musical endeavours?

I really hope to come back someday. Unluckily it will all depend on promoters and stuff like that, so if you American guys will like the new album there may be a chance, ahah... First time was ok, we met a lot of friends we only knew from emails, saw nice places like the Smoky Mountains and played with great bands every night like Chaos Moon and Benighted In Sodom, and Velnias for 3 gigs. I got ill quite immediately so my mood was quite down, but wait, I am down all the time, so that's ok, ahah.

Your more recent Frostmoon Eclipse material (especially Dead and Forever Gone) has a very distinct grunge feel to it. Is this intentional or entirely happenstance?

I don't really think about labels for music, I think it may just be good or bad. "Grunge" was a kind of magazine invention, is all (indie?) rock to me. "Dead And Forever Gone" is an album I am really proud of and was a sort of starting point for the whole Stroszek-thing. After it was released I knew it would have been impossible for me not to follow that path 

What is your writing process like for Frostmoon and Stroszek material? Does it differ between bands?

I think the most important thing in music is "the part you throw away", to say it with Tom Waits. I really throw away a lot of stuff when writing, because I always try to keep what I feel is the best. Many music out there sounds just unnecessary to my ears. I just try to keep the best stuff because every song I record could be last one. 

You've been a part of Frostmoon Eclipse from the very beginning in 1994 - how do you feel it has evolved as a band? Does it feel any different than before?

I am not just a part man, it's me who formed the band back then and wrote all the songs, so I am the real guilty one, ahah... Seriously, I think we got better with time, not only technically, but we also developed a sort of our own style, which was my main reason to do this... I just wanted to do my own thing.

What outside of music influences the way you write music?

I would say mostly books, lot of Cormac McCarthy stuff going on in my lyrics. Or maybe movies, the song "Turn the sky to winter" is somehow inspired by "Jeremiah Johnson"... and we had samples from Herzog's "Stroszek" on the first album, there must be a reason if I took the band name from there. Even the feelings you get walking outside can be an inspiration, this city is so very depressing, so it's not very hard to get a "creative mood".

How are things in the Italian black metal scene? Has it been kind overall to Frostmoon and Stroszek?

I have to say that usually bands do receive a far better support from their own country. But I don't like to complain, since from day one I had little if any interest at all in italian scene. And by the way I prefer to "address" my stuff to individuals, guys like me, who like to search and listen bands on their own, regardless of what is on the TV or on the magazines. 

Where do you see yourself musically in the next 5 years?

As my friend Townes would say: "Waiting around to die". Surely I'll be older. But I can't even see myself tomorrow but let's see what happens day by day...

Be sure to check out Frostmoon Eclipse's new album "The End Stands Silent," out now on Osmose Productions, as well as a new Stroszek album on the way!


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