Thursday, March 31, 2011


"3" Demo

It's strange to know that some of the best music will go unnoticed.

Echoes of the Forgotten
Hailing from New York, Bosse, the solo project of Richard Bosse, has for the past four years (or so) been quietly providing the world with gorgeous folk-ish, ambient-laced music. One could almost draw a comparison to such neofolk greats as Ulver (Kveldssanger era), later Empyrium, and Vàli, but Richard creates a sound all of his own - echoing his dismal urban surroundings through stark, almost harsh clean guitar tone contrast against the warm sounds of his fingerpicked classical guitar with distant machine sounds in the background. Everything is dead - scraped skies, concrete scars, the very Earth baring its steel fangs, and yet there is beauty in this very desolation, something so very putrid that it is awe-inspiring.

I distinctly remember some attention heading Bosse's way in 2008 with the release of his full-length and a split release with a certain Trancelike Void from Belgium, yet from then on Bosse moved further back into obscurity, remaining silent until 2010's release "Dreams of the Dead," a further delving into his unique, droning style.

Stark, contemplative, beautiful: all words that describe Bosse, and yet they don't do Richard's work any justice. Truly a one-of-a-kind project. Get into it.


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