Thursday, April 21, 2011

Rotten Sound - "Cursed" (2011) [Relapse Records]

This album essentially came out of nowhere, I absolutely adore Rotten Sound, but was ghosting on some random metal forum a few weeks back and saw a post about a NEW Rotten Sound record. I felt like an idiot for not knowing about it, but knew I had to score it. Not many bands do grind the way that RS do, especially since the demise of Nasum (R.I.P.). For those who do not know, Rotten Sound is a full-blast grind machine of the highest caliber. They have released numerous destructive and insane records in their history. Cursed is no different; a lesson in destruction as beauty, like no other band can deliver.

For the current crop of grind bands, it truly gets no better than Rotten Sound. They embrace the laws of the genre, yet do it in such a unique way that you would think they invented the style. Grindcore perfected. Insane blasts, punishing d-beats, slamming riffs, angry vocals, fizzy production and tone...every now and then they thrown in a slow part or hardcore-styled break to throw the formula, but compliment it perfectly. This is music for death pits, bad work days and pissy attitudes. Hell, even if you are in a good mood, put this on and tell me you do not want to push someone's face into the back of their head.

An absolutely intense whirlwind of grind intensity from start to finish. Another contender for top ten of 2011 lists. Essential!


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