Thursday, April 21, 2011

Seidr - "For Winter Fire" (2011) [Flenser Records]

Let's face it, doom metal, along with every other type of metal (maybe music in general) has been beaten to death. No matter how much ingenuity that is integrated into said sound, it has all been done before. With that also being said, there is a ton of credit given to bands who can regenerate the wheel of past flames into something that sounds, while not wholly unique, masterful enough to be fresh and exciting. Many people think that doom metal is nothing but down-tuned guitar and a plodding, snails pace tempo with some random harmonization thrown in for good measure. Thus resulting in rehashed, worthless doom metal albums that clutter used cd bins and internet distros all over the world.

Here we have Seidr, containing members of such underground visionaries such as Wheels Within Wheels and Panopticon (among others). Both bands have managed to create waves in the underground black metal scene as of late, but what happens when you put them together? You getting a killer slab of inspired doom metal, destined to teach the followers what it is like to truly lead. Much like scene contemporaries Asunder, Loss, Katatonia, Ahab, etc...Seidr inject enough freshness into a stale genre to be one step ahead of their peers and create amazing music at the same time.

Post-rock, folk, ambient, noise and above all, DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM are all mixed together in a seamless presentation of originality. Incredible musicianship, catchy melodies, a heavy-as-a-brontosaurus rhythm section and almost retro-style production give the album a triumphant gleam. Their Nordic mythology inspired lyrics are also something of an unknown in doom metal, which only add to their advantage of being ahead of the curve. These folk certainly know their doom and know how to do it well enough that the album sounds not like a debut, but like an album generated by seasoned vets. There is so much passion and emotion in For Winter Fire, that it is frightening. Rumors have it Seidr have already begun work on their follow-up album, which will no doubt be awesome.

Keep an eye out for this band, this album is amazing, but there is no question that there are many great things in store for Seidr's future as a band.


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