Thursday, April 21, 2011

Witchrist - "Beheaded Ouroboros" (2010) [Invictus]

The promo sheet for this band, from the label no less, called Witchrist 'ancient death metal'. I suppose this is an appropriate description; the riffing is definitely old-school and the production is raw (but still clear). Maybe not even raw, more like grimy and filth-ridden. The guitars tuned down to the abysses of the earth, the vocals resembling something like an erupting volcano, fuzzed-out, bone crushing bass tone, caveman-like drums...Ok, ancient death metal is the fitting title for Witchrist.

This is death metal the way it is supposed to be; filthy and uncompromising. No digital love, no pristine tone, no instrument wank-fest, just envenomed aural hatred, pointed straight at your skull. The riffs are surprisingly catchy for this kind of death metal, which is a good thing, because it helps keep the songs from becoming one long track of muddy, barbaric brutality. They really switch back and forth from the almost doom-like slow dirges and the flat out blast sections quite frequently. The guitar leads are killer as well, not shred, not blatant textural leads, but a mix of old-school soloing with a wash of textural covering. Lots of fuzz and buzz from the super low tuning and gain saturated tones, but all still remaining clear in the mix.

This band, at least to me, resembles a less chaotic or less technical Portal. Maybe even a more death metal oriented Archgoat. The sound is crusty but ultimately EVIL, EVIL, EVIL. Not for fans of new age death metal but made specifically for listeners of the old guard. Prepare to have your head blown off in primitive death rage.


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