Friday, May 6, 2011

Grayceon - "All We Destroy" (2011) [Profound Lore Records]

Grayceon; a name I have heard tossed about for years now, but never really went out of my way to listen to them. Unless I am held at gunpoint to discover new music/bands, I do not even bother wasting my time. This is one of the few cases that I am not entirely glad I never listened to the band in question. When asked to review 'All We Destroy', I had no real idea what to expect. I have heard the 'progressive' tag thrown around when describing Grayceon, but knowing how much certain tags are thrown around without proper attention paid to their usage, I thought nothing of it. Progressive is perhaps the only word that can be used to describe Grayceon's sound, they hope around so many different genres/styles that no one singular tag can be used to describe their sound. 

I would say that Grayceon is a metal band, but there are a lot of rock tinges in their sound as well as, again, progressive music. One issue with a lot of progressive music is that in all its pseudo-technical wankery, emotion is completely lost. The ability to craft songs is also lost in the pit of trying to be as technical as one can, ending up in what sounds like loads of uber-practiced scalar runs and drum frenzies, as opposed to actual songs. Grayceon manages to craft actual songs, with hooks abound, without losing their edge of technical proficiency. My attention was captured in full while listening to 'All We Destroy', which to me, is a great signifier of strong craftsmanship. Passionate (and very well executed) vocals, complex guitar/drum patterns, melancholic cello work and fluid bass playing make 'All We Destroy' the brilliant work that it truly is. There is no shortage of talent on this recording, that is certain. Every member performs flawlessly and with painstakingly emotive density. The production is of note here too; in an age of over-produced, glossy and above all, STERILE production techniques, 'All We Destroy' is overwhelmingly organic and incredibly clear at the same time. The production compliments the music in complete harmony.

Grayceon's latest offering is nothing short of brilliant, so much so that I plan to check out the rest of their back catalog in full. I am completely impressed by the musical genius that is 'All We Destroy'. Contender for top ten albums of 2011? You bet your ass it is.


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  1. I've loved them since their first album came out (bought it with Giant Squid's Metridium Field, another stellar release). I was hooked by their sound. The two albums since, each shows some development upon their basic approach and all are albums I rate highly.
    Profound Lore is on a streak this year.


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