Monday, May 9, 2011

Horseback/Locrian - "New Dominions" (2011) [Utech Records]

When I first heard about this collaboration from one Jenks Miller (sole member of Horseback), I about crapped my pants. I had been a fan of Locrian for a few years (check out my review of their last album here and a video interview here), and Horseback's "The Invisible Mountain" LP reissue was a fresh memory, so young, excitable me was overcome with joy and a newfound impatience...and it's finally here!

This collaboration is a complete goldmine of textures, ranging from the to the harsh, desolate, and creepy sounds of "The Gift" to the lush, pretty, and awe-inspiring drones of "Epitaph." Ever the experimenters, this four-part collaborating team effectively demonstrates each band's duality through these two songs. We all know Locrian are no strangers to the dark and noisy (especially those of us who saw them open for Agalloch in Chicago), but for those of you who haven't heard Horseback's material outside of the two full-lengths, this is a great jumping off point for Mr. Miller's back-catalog.

Interestingly enough, the making of this post is the first time I've ever seen the artwork for this fantastic one-sided 12" (the other side is an etching!). The fantastic Denis Forkas Kostromitin's hazy, uneasy style fits this collaboration perfectly; it is intriguing and perhaps even comforting, but there is a lingering feeling that you just can't take. A bad taste in your mouth, if you will; growing, menacing.

Turn off the lights and let this envelop you.

This release, and many others, will be available at Utech Records Music Festival in Milwaukee this coming June 11th!



  1. I wasn't aware of this release, I'll pick it up, thanks for the review.
    The artwork is sure beautiful.

  2. It'd be sick if Locrian and Horseback performed together at the Utech Festival


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