Thursday, July 14, 2011

Lux Divina - "From The Tomb To Nature's Blood" (2009) [Ars Magna Recordings]

This is the first full length album from Barcelona, Spain's Lux Divina. 
I don't know a whole lot about this band, as they seem to have come out of nowhere and released this album after a series of EPs and demos. 
However, I have to say I was extremely surprised at this album. 

Very well-thought out guitars and hauntingly melodic, evocative riffs build the fortification of an absolutely solid and lengthly musical  stronghold. The very well-executed percussion and fitting harsh vocals are what hold its walls together.
My only personal complaint is the sound of the clean vocals, as I personally don't feel they were executed as well as the rest of the music's components (they have far too upfront  of a mix and try very hard to pronounce English words which are inevitably done with strange diction). Overall, though, this is one of those albums that you will most likely hit the 'Repeat' button on your player very early on because you know you won't want to listen to much else afterward.

The lyrical themes are undeniably tied toward the 'pagan' aesthetic, which, like it or not, fit perfectly with the music. In fact, one thing I cannot get over in regards to this album is how well of a team this band is. It seems as if each member is on the same exact page, and, while the music is not very complex at all, it is done very naturally. I can't imagine this group of musicians playing much else of another style; this is what looks like the work of fate. It is refreshing to see this, as much of the time, bands I will hear sound too much like each member is trying to compromise with each other and add their own touch that the rest of the band is not too crazy about.

Overall, this album is a few years old by now, but I feel it deserves a lot more attention. It seems the band is still active, so I am excited to see what they can do next as a fully-functional unit.

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