Thursday, July 14, 2011

Wolfmangler - "They Call Us Naughty Wolves" (2010) [God Is Myth Records]

'Drone' and 'folk' are terms that are thrown around far too lightly. In the metal scene, it's almost like adding any sort of non-electric instrument, like acoustic guitar, constitutes a 'folk' element in the music.

Alright, you humppa-yoiking debutantes, here is a lesson for you.

Wolfmangler is a side project of D. Smolken from Polish weird-black-metal-noise-thing project Dead Raven Choir, another awesome project in many means. I am not going to say I have been following this project for a long time. I haven't. This was his last album made under this moniker and this is all I have heard so far.

But what I am hearing is absolutely fantastic. What we have here are somber, deep-rumbling bass textures with passages of violin and cello being played over it. Whispered vocals and occasional light percussion are splattered through, tastefully. Ominous, foreboding, somewhat tribal, and melancholic, THIS is what folk-tinged drone is about. And guess what? This isn't boring drone! There are fifteen tracks, all under 7 minutes long each, and are interesting tracks all on their own amidst each other. And, they get even more intense and interesting as the album drags through. It's almost like chamber folk for a new generation.

The atmosphere actually somewhat reminds me of a bizarre mix of James Newton Howard's score for 'The Village', and Wongraven, Satyr's old ambient project.

With crystal clear production, a hypnotic and dusky sound, and a unique atmosphere, I will go ahead and say that this is actually on the verge of influential. This is probably one of the absolute coolest albums I have heard in a long time. 

The only complaint I have about this album is that I am not outside in the woods listening to it. This is wonderful atmospheric texture music that demands your undivided attention.

Want to know something awesome? This album is actually containing a lot of covers of old classic standards by Ella Fitzgerald and the like. It's such a bizarre concept but works SO well. AND it comes with screen-printed women's underwear with a drawing on it, for those of you with bizarre girlfriends.

Please, do yourself a favor and buy this album.


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