Tuesday, August 9, 2011

o.68 - "Elend" (2011) [Ominous Silence]

Once in a while, you just wonder what has happened to the funeral/death doom scene. Anyone with a bass guitar and keyboard can make an album, with someone to master it, and release it. However, one can barely ever weed out the gems from the sea of garbage, much like in the world of black metal as well.

But do I have a surprise for you.

I do not know a whole lot about o.68, but I was sent this album to review.
It came out of nowhere, and I didn't know what to expect.
But what I heard was pleasantly surprising.

This is a very well executed, creative, and well-recorded album.
Not much makes it much else other than a funeral/death doom album, but it is finally good to see someone new that knows what they are doing.
There are even some musical nods of the head to some of the pioneers of the genre, with some grooves and hooks (especially on what I feel is the standout track, 'Mother of Negation', and 'Zeitgeist Nokturne').

I almost can't believe how pure this album is. So often today you find artists who go so 'all over the place' that you can't even tell what kind of genre they are going for.
This is pure doom metal in every sense of the term, and instead of just being a run-of-the-mill-listen-to-me-I'm-so-depressed-so-I-sit-in-my-basement-and-make-weepy-funeral-doom album, this is actually enjoyable to listen to, and shows musical expertise. And it gains momentum midway through the album.
Very impressive.

I await seeing what can happen with this project. I can only see it becoming even better, so on that note, I hope he does with to continue making this music.

This will be available through Ominous Silence.


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