Thursday, August 11, 2011

Origin – Entity [Nuclear Blast Records] (2011)

Brutal Technical Death Metal Origin have released their 5th Studio album ENTITY and well it was not to impressive BUT I do have some nice things to say about it.
Never the less this band is all pushing the limits and even going beyond break neck speeds that some think impossible. OK song writing and at the same time really technical progressive structures that is good crazy robot like drums that are not a drum machine but a human that are not triggered not that there is anything wrong with triggered drums I personally enjoy them and having that impossible sounding speed though triggers do not make you play faster the POINT is that the drums oddly enough are not all CLICK CLICK CLICK ok? One of my main problems with this album is that as many songs as there are that total out to 40 minutes is that well really when you listen to it straight through it is pretty much one song that is 40 minutes long but broken down into multiple tracks with all kinds of crazy guitar noodling going there and OH there and very near if you know what I mean ? It is like the band had practiced the music of Entity so much that they 1000000% nailed every bodies take at once ! Another problem I have is that this band plays live and I am not sure if they would agree or understand but with all of the layering and impossible stuff they do on this album manly for the guitars it needs 2 guitarists live or even 4 just to be safe. For the subject matter I find the music really unfitting I think there could have been some atmospheric parts with synth NOT to much but just enough I did like their past efforts and I think there could have been more added to enhance the atmosphere of each said album but this one I really do not find a real true reason to give it another listen. These guys have crazy talent and none of it is wasted for sure but then again I have never been really into the technical stuff to much there are quit a few I really like but this is not one of them. 

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