Wednesday, August 10, 2011

LiamENGL Interview

Welcome and Thank You for taking time to do This interview with us How Are You doing ?

No problem at all! I'm doing good thanks!

Can You tell us alittle about your self ?

My name's Liam, I'm a 21 year old guitarist from the UK. And as a hobby I post guitar covers of songs I like on youtube.

How Did You become envolved in music, How Did You Find your way to the guitar ?

I first got into music (or metal music) at about 8 years old after watching bands like Slipknot and Korn on MTV2. At the age of 12 I discovered the band Soilwork who totally blew me away, I first wanted to pick up a guitar after hearing their A Predators Portrait album (even though I didn't start taking it seriously until a few years later).

You Are getting some notice on YouTube What drove You to post videos ?

Because I never took lessons or had any guitarist friends I first wanted to post videos to get feedback and advice on my playing as a way of improving my technique.

You cover alot of Soilwork songs and other Melodic Death Metal bands aswell as some Progressive Metal bands and a few Djent bands What Are some other bands You would like to cover in the future AND Will we ever see any music You have wrote uploaded to your channel ?

There are SO many bands I would like to cover if I had the time to learn them all, Poets of the Fall, Akira Yamaoka, Tesseract to name a few. And yes you will most definitely see both my own music and music for the bands I play for on my channel once the time is right.

What guitarists have influenced You the most and Why ?

Peter Wichers is obviously a HUUGE influence as he is the reason I first picked up a guitar. Per Nilsson for his great smooth leads and fluid phrasing. Drop (Thomas) from Sybreed for his ridiculously tight rhythms. Bulb (Misha) from Periphery for his amazing songwriting and music production skills. Ben Sharp for the emotion and atmosphere he can put through his playing. And Lee McKinney from Born of Osiris for just being a total boss!

Tell us about your rig and set up for music and as Well as your guitars.

For home use I use an Axe FX Ultra running into an Maudio Fast track pro interface to record direct into the PC, and monitor either using headphones or Alesis M1 speakers.
For live I use the Axe FX Ultra into an Atomic MB150 poweramp.
The guitars I own currently are:
Caparison Horus HGS Oiled Walnut with a Bareknuckle Nailmbomb in the bridge and a Dimarzio pro track in the neck
Caparison Horus Maplecloud (MF07 neck with a Snowcloud body) with a Dimarzio d-sonic in the bridge and chopper in the neck.
And a Peter Wichers custom 'Soilwork' Caparison Angelus with 2 x EMG 81s.
I also have some Washburn bass which I don't know anything about haha!!


Are You currently in any bands or projects ?

Currently I play live guitars for the death metal band Diamorphus (
and I have my own project called Minerva

And there is also another BIG project in the works which I'm keeping a bit hush hush for the moment 

What guitars and or gear Are You thinking of buying in the future and Why ?

Currently I'm very happy with my setup, but if the opportunity arises and I can get a good deal I would love to buy an EBMM BFR JP6 in trans black.

You Also Play a Ibanez Rg 7 String What Are your thoughs on 8 strings, 9 strings, other extended rang guitars and muilti-scale guitars aka the fan-fretted guitars ?

I think extended range instruments are great, they can do everything a 6 string guitar can and more, you just have to be carefull to not get sucked into the whole 'djent' thing and just end up endlessly chugging on your low strings.
That being said I am a 6 string guitarist, but this is because the thicker necks of a 7/8 string have caused problems with my wrist in the past.

Some say That Peter Wichers has a style of playing That no one Can memic I see and hear it in your fingers and How You Play have You noticed This before What Are your thoughts on That ?

Well I think it's great that you can hear that! I've never put any conscious effort into sounding like a particular guitarist, but it's nice to know their style is being shown through me regardless!
I Thank You for your time Liam ! Is there any last words You wish to share with us ?

I'm very glad there are some people who are enjoying the videos! and thanks SO much for all the kind comments/messages! I really appreciate it!!!

Check out Liam ENGL on his YOUTUBE
and his Musical Projects !



  1. Hope the new BIG project is Liam getting into Mors Principium Est!


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