Sunday, October 9, 2011

Anti - "Anti" (2011) [Small Doses]

Continuing not only killer small doses releases but works from Illinois noise masters, Bryan Tholl (recovering from his dismissal of the Is project) hasn't stopped destroying things. A 3" cd? Full of scraping and shuddering piled sound after sound into a real wall. Flashes of drums, confused images of speech, effective shifts in sound, and overall destruction that builds up the heart rate and encourages the kind of encompassing violent release that the best noise evokes. Active passion, clear intelligence and . . . with this kind of intensity, this kind of destructive violence, I should be blasting this through a couple of cabinets big enough to display dismembered bodies in. Every second of this is worth listening to, and it goes places. This is not a loop, this is an evolving linear construct of deliberately violent sound. Even when the underlying sources of the sound shine through, they do nothing but add to the ___ = ¬¹‖ⅎ₹┌▀▐▄▫▪█▓∙∙∟


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