Sunday, October 9, 2011

Namazu Dantai - "Under Manchurian Soil" (2010) [Small Doses]

Sascha Mandler (one autumnal night in 2009) recorded some of that strange noise that is harsh through crackling and half-screeching sounds framing humming, groaning sounds that aren't harsh at all. Something here is chemical-burning and caustic fire scattered across a field of amorphous forms, as if the landscape the 3" comes wrapped in were to burst into an unnatural flame. This is one of those piles of semi-pitched noise that forms a soothing abscess in the middle of hours of destructive sounds--something that still engages ears on the verge of collapse by assaulting them with the tones that will push through hearing, rather than grinding the flesh to a pulp.
This is the noise that kills the will to stand.


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