Monday, October 3, 2011

Ola Englund Interview

Thank you Ola for taking time to talk to us ! How are you doing ?

I’m fine thank you! Winter is coming…

How did you first get into music ? And What made you want to start playing the guitar ?

First band I ever listened to was Twisted Sisters, I was probably around 4-5 something but it wasn’t until I was 12 or so before I REALLY discovered music, starting to buy cds, I loved Nirvana and I must admit that my first ever guitar hero was Kurt Cobain. Then shortly after that I got into Pantera, now we’re talking around 1994. It was somewhere around the middle there where I began playing guitar. My dad has been in bands and collected guitars so it was pretty easy to start off borrowing his gear.

What are your musical influences and besides Metal music what other types of music do you like and why?

I would say the main influences in my way of writing and thinking music are Pantera. I LOVE riffs and Dimebag was the master. Other styles I guess it’s getting old but I was always a fan of video game music and anime music.

You are a rising force on Youtube what drove you to start putting videos of your self playing through amps ?

By the same reason why I still put up videos. It’s loads of fun! I started of by demoing my own stuff but around a year ago(july 2010) people on forums started to lend me their amps to record for them and it just went on from there. I’m a total gear addict and a total nerd when it comes to dialing amps so all this testing is good for me, like therapy hah!

For some who do not know about your band FEARED tell us about it !

Feared is a band that I started to be able to express all my influences and everything I love about metal. Started out around 2007, formed a full 4-piece band, made a couple of shows. I continued to write songs and I ended up playing the songs in my videos. One album and one EP released, a follow up album coming this fall, as well as an instrumental album coming next year. Simple put; Everything I write and create are Feared songs. Feared is me and I AM Feared *awkward silence*

What other musical projects have you been involved in if any ?

I used to play in a band called Subcyde, the childhood friend band you started playing with at middle school and hung around with for the coming 10 years. Now I also play in metal band Scarpoint which is the first band I joined in the purpose of being a second guitarist, before that it has always been about MY band, MY riffs etc. I heard their album and I thought to myself, DAMN I need to play with them. I’m also playing in a old cult doom band called Sorcerer, album in the making there! Standard E metal, got to love it.

Tell us about all of the guitars and gear you have owned in the past and also what is the best and worst guitars and gear you have owned

First guitar I ever owned was a Fender Mustang. Great guitar for a beginner, but as I went nuts about Pantera I had to have a Washburn Dimebag guitar. So I got the black Washburn Dime loaded with a Bill Lawrence L500 pickup. Shortly after that I got sold on Ibanez guitars when I started listening to Dream Theater. I ordered the FIRST ever Ibanez RG7620 that was imported to Sweden just when they came out 1998. I was the luckiest guy ever. 7-string was the new trend going around with Korn, Dream Theater, Morbid Angel etc. Around this time this was when I was starting getting into amps and gear and I got my first Dual Rectifier. So my real first REAL metal rig was the Ibanez RG7620, a black plated Dual Rectifier and an oversized Mesa 4x12. Pure JOY! After this I’ve owned to many amps and guitars to count. My favourite guitar I had was a Ibanez Universe PWH. It was the most comfortable guitar ever. And like the gear whore I am I sold it. Biggest mistake, BUT stuff comes and goes. That has always been my moto.

You now have a signature guitar through Strictly 7 guitars how did this come about and can you tell us about the guitar its self ?

Like a love story we found each other and made sweet love in the moon light. Strictly 7s Jim Lewis is a great guy and the feeling of working together was mutual so everything felt right from the start. They built me a prototype guitar and it’s the best guitar I have ever played. It has high end specs and it just reeks quality. The idea was to create a production model with all these high end specs but for a reasonable price. The outcome was the Solar7. I’m very happy about this and I can’t wait for people to try it out. I’ll be attending Namm 2011 so you can expect my ugly face standing there by the Strictly 7 booth talking endless about frets and the perfect string height.


Are there any other guitarists you would like to worth in the future ?

Oh there are so many awesome guitarists out there. I like shredders but I enjoy musicality more, and some guys are just too good. Guys like Keith Merrow, Misha Mansoor, Fred Brum etc. They are top notch players but what I really enjoy is their ability to write music. I must say doing all this on Youtube and Facebook opens your eyes, there is so much talent out there that never gets out in the open. Think of all the awesome music everyone is missing out on?! Oh yeah if you get the chance check out The Omega Experiment and Red Seas Fire. Awesome bands!

What is one place in the world you would like to live at ?

I live there. It’s in Sweden. Say all you want about Sweden ,it’s cold, grey and too many hot women to handle, but it’s a WORKING country. Wouldn’t mind having a resort on Barbados or any other tropic county so I can dive with the dolphins and turtles. That would bring me one step closer to my second dream, to one day become the king of the dolphins.

What is your favorite beer and why?

You’re talking to the guy who gets drunk after one beer nowadays. I seriously don’t drink as much now when I’m a father. I love all beers (sorry America your beer sucks). Favourite right now is probably Belgian Stella Artois. Just an easy going tasty beer to drink before slapping your children to sleep.

Thank you for taking time to speak with us ! Do you have any final words you would like to say ?

Yes, I do NOT slap my children to sleep. I’m the most sarcastic guy ever, and it never turns out well on the internet. Thanks for the interview!



  1. Hahaha silly Ola. Gotta love his Solar 7 though. God, i want that guitar.

  2. I know right ? He is a pretty awesome guy ! I would like to buy one of those Solar 7s if they do make any


  3. Great interview, awesome dude.

  4. I'd get myself into bed with that tasty man in a second!


  5. Thanks a ton! Great interview. I also was influenced by Dream Theater. I couldn't stop listening to Images and Words in the 90's. Thank Ola for sharing.

  6. Ola is a great sharer of his contents, I follow him since more than a year ago.... He´s some kind of guitar´s sound GURU... you can trust me... this guy plays, records, mix and produce in an awesome way! And I choose STELLA too!!!! HEIL OLA!!!!

    Greets! Pablo from Argentina!

  7. Ola is one of my favorite guitarists!! I follow his youtube channel since he started it!!!

    Thanks for the Awesome songs Ola!!

    Bruno from Brazil

  8. Seven string guitars are my favorite as well since you have the extra string. Thanks.

  9. need to show him some dogfish head beers


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