Monday, November 28, 2011

WRNLRD - "Unknown Tongue" (2011) [FlincoSoundSystem]

The enigmatic, bizarre WRNLRD has caused many a craned neck with their extensive back-catalog of angular, grating, highly experimental black metal, but nothing compares to this. Honestly, I thought that this Virginia duo (They're now a trio? You can never be sure anymore) couldn't get any stranger than the peculiar moments of atonal, mathematical black metal-meets-MIDI-saxophone found strewn throughout their fantastic (and FSS released) Death Drive EP, and yet, Unknown Tongue seems to top any of the most innovative, headache-inducingly bizarre music they have churned out in the past.


Well...this time around, WRNLRD has completely abandoned black metal for two surprisingly beautiful, calming, Christmas-oriented (though slightly inverted...check the upside down cross on the cover) songs, even going as far as to offer their own rendition of the classic German hymn Stille Nacht (Silent Night) and the more modern (as in it's by Blue Oyster Cult) Unknown Tongue. Beautifully arranged, yet almost randomly placed accordion pillows the listener, acting as a backdrop to the beautiful solo female voice (Buccinator?). One wouldn't expect beautiful Christmas songs from such a violent, caustic entity, but their sentiments towards the supposed Messiah are not lost within the music. With every mention of "Jesus" or "Christ" comes a sour note from the accordion, beckoning a short, deliberate section of disparate polytonality before returning to the uneasy beauty found within this short offering, lasting under ten minutes total.


Available as a free download from FlingcoSoundSystem starting December 1st.


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