Saturday, December 3, 2011

Mueran Humanos- "Mueran Humanos" (2011) [Blind Prophet Records]

What used to be will never be again, and what you used to enjoy just doesn’t look right anymore. Days begin to melt into one as you lose sleep and you really can’t figure out what you are doing half of the time. Often you catch yourself thinking about yourself from the outside and wonder why you just can’t figure out what’s missing. This conscious quest through the mundane and unexplainable describes perfectly the sound of Mueran Humanos self-titled full length.

Made up by Carmen Burguess and Tomás Nochteff, Mueran Humanos plays simplistic synth-pop heavily influenced by post-punk.  The Argentine and German duo manage to create an eerie, often goofy, ambiance of melodies driven by groovy droning synth-bass lines and mechanical hip-hop inspired beats. It must be said that although I have mentioned it to be a dark and heavy album, this in no way means that the album itself is gloomy or depressing in anyway, but instead sarcastic. The simplicity of their song structures allows the group to create symphonies of mechanical fuzz through the many layers they add throughout each song, giving the group a unique attitude. With each listen you will begin to notice several of the disembodied sounds that hang in the back drop of your speakers behind the perfectly synchronized bass and drum combination that still gives the music its distinctive funky beat. Both Carmen and Tomás contribute vocals to the music, each voice creating a completely different character within the story being told by the instruments.

This is a kind of group that would fit in perfectly playing inside of hole in the wall surrealism museum, and if they have not yet someone should give them a gig. The mass amounts of synthesizers is surprisingly extremely enjoyable because they are used in the most minimal fashion and it is always nice to hear post-punk that does not sound like it’s from Manchester in the 1970’s. Mueran Humanos self-titled full length is an album that demonstrates that you can still have groove no matter how moody you sound. 


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