Monday, January 9, 2012

Formication - The Eyes of Erodern Reviema (2011) [small doses]

I'm not going to set myself out as someone knowledgeable on the subject of electronic genres. Formication, however, is certainly not exactly the dark ambient music that it seems to be billed as half the time.
While they use dark ambient sounds, Formication is almost more rooted in an understanding of all of the more personal, private sounds that have formed in electronica over the years, from Coil's more esoteric works to dub, IDM, and even the distant, unsettling narrative of Gnaw Their Tongues. While maintaining a consistent atmosphere of almost brooding determination, Formication from track to track use distinct sounds and distinct rhythms, as if to re-use anything would be a waste of time in a creative endeavor.

This is the sort of music that should be the centerpiece of a roomful of dark-clad, silent young men, who disperse without a word but with a solemn bond at the end of the night.

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